Trailslady April L. Whitten at home in the Applegate Valley of Oregon

Passionate about geoarchaeology and natural history, as well as exploration of the great outdoors,
April L. Whitten combines art and science to express herself creatively through the written word and photography.

As a geoarchaeologist, Ms. Whitten's research focuses on migratory routes and historic trails. In 1999, she was invited by the National Park Service to travel with a wagon train in commemoration of the 150th anniversary of the California Gold Rush. Her responsibilities were to gather terrain, location, weather and environmental data, document her experiences and photograph the Overland Trails for research purposes. The adventure was a life-changing episode and, as she traveled, a story crystallized within her mind.

This story is true. Are We There Yet? And Lessons Learned Along the Way is a primary source of historic documentation regarding the state of the trails, terrain and environment as it was in 1999. The story also conveys to students what such a journey could have meant to the pioneers who traveled those same trails so long ago, as well as some of the lessons learned along the way.
Trailslady April L. Whitten on the Bozeman Trail
Are We There Yet? And Lessons Learned Along the Way is a book of trails and wagon train adventures for "children-of-all-ages." Narrated in simple prose, the book is softbound and illustrated with 110 full-color images. Ms. Whitten wrote and published her book in commemoration of the 160th anniversary of the California Gold Rush and the 150th anniversary of Oregon's statehood. It was primarily written for the sake of our progeny, in order to inspire a sense of legacy, curiosity and appreciation for our historic trails and Western heritage. It is the author's sincere desire that this book will engender an awareness of the continued need for the preservation of our Overland Trails…because whenever a portion of our trails is plowed under, built upon or lost, we lose a piece of our history and heritage forever.

Ms. Whitten earned her undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physics, Geography and Anthropology from the University of Nebraska. Her research focused on Paleo-Indian migratory routes across the Rockies, the Roman Roads of Israel, and the Overland Emigration trails of North America. She was featured in the Daily Courier of Grants Pass, Oregon on October 22, 2005, and again on January 18, 2010.

Trailslady April L. Whitten researching ancient Roman roads in Israel  
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